Onsa, Inc


DeFi, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Onsa is a fintech company. It operates in the technology and financial services sector and is registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with FinCen.

With three core offerings—p2p money transfer, POS payment, and investment—part of the Onsa goal is to replace the checking account and allow the idle money sitting in there to be transferred over to the Onsa digital wallet to accrue interest.

Once the money is in Onsa, users can use it to send to peers or invest in blockchain-based offerings such as the first SEC-regulated stable coin or even buy digital currencies.

Onsa’s vision is to narrow the gap between traditional and digital assets by providing fungibility between the two worlds. One of the differences between Onsa and our competitors is we look at the exchange not as an isolated investment opportunity but as an access point to a new currency that can be used anywhere in the world.

Target User

Based on the research we set our target user as


26 - 40

Age range of 26 to 40



Mobile transaction

People who’s familiar with mobile financial transaction services


New and Pro investor

Have experience of 0 – 5 years in investments who wants to start on investing or currently investing

Intuitive User Interface

As our product is financial product with lots of complicated informations we aim to design clean, simple user interface and to avoid overwhelming users.

Humanized experience DeFi

With conversational style onboarding with AI, user will get friendlier and humanized onboarding experience during long, complicated process of onboarding

Allow user to track every stage in onboarding process and to encourage user to finish the process without losing the track

Scrolling up and down interaction based on Fluidity

Transfer any financial assets to another

Flow in between complex financial markets

Personalization option depend on users’ experience and goal of using our product

Starter – Intermediate – Pro version under users experience in investment

Different color theme options under each users preference

Design Development

01. Peer-to-Peer Transaction

From user research, most of users needs were to send / request payment to multiple user in single transaction. So we create ‘Split’ payment and request function based on fluidity.

02. User Interaction

A fluid scroll up and down interaction to add and reduct the amount is second to nature.

02. Visual Design: Let's focus on the onboarding process:

01 Create an account (Blue)  –  02 Link Bank Account (Red)  –  03 Verify Identity(Green)  –  04 Final steps (Yellow)

Empty grey indicator will be filled one by one, following the process of user completing each steps of onboarding

Scaled progress indicators