GivePlay, Inc


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Spreading human goodness in as little as 30 seconds.

GivePlay is a peer-to-peer incentives and rewards platform. It makes spreading human goodness in as little as 30 seconds, possible.

GivePlay enables anyone to incentivize others to do something by creating engaging fun challenges, followed by the disbursement of automated rewards. GivePlay is design-driven, mobile-first, fast, fair, transparent, and error-free.

Design Driven

GivePlay is a design-driven mobile-first product. It is one of the most beautifully designed, fast, and intuitive incentives and rewards technology that is accessible and usable by anyone at any place.

GivePlay is for Everybody

Individuals can motivate themselves by taking on challenges created by anyone on the GivePlay global team. Families and friends can create private teams and incentivize each other to achieve personal goals, complete tasks, or simply take on some fun challenges launched by others.

Businesses can leverage GivePlay’s automated reward disbursement to either incentivize employees or galvanize evangelists.

Business Use Case

Team LeadersFair • Automated • Rewarding

Team leaders can quickly create many challenges that incentivize team members to engage, compete, and win. For instance, a team leader can quickly launch a challenge to boost productivity with automated rewards disbursement and switch it up the next day with fun challenge incentivizing personal development such as health and fitness. And on Friday afternoons, the team leader can launch fun happy hour trivia challenges that foster engagement. Fair, automated, and rewarding.

MarketersTailored • Transparent • Engaging

Marketers can galvanize brand evangelists and foster new ones by creating challenges that are tailored to create brand recognition, awareness, and engagement. GivePlay will automatically track participant entries against winning parameters set by the marketer and automatically reward winners. For instance, instead of raffles for giveaways in trade shows, marketers can launch brand-specific challenges that foster engagement and network effect in exchange for giveaways. Tailored, transparent, and engaging.

Personal Use Case

Families and Friends​Easy • Fun • Fast

Families and Friends can create teams, invite members, launch custom p2p challenges, and motivate each other to accomplish a goal. For instance, parents can incentivize their kids by creating fun challenges out of tasks or small goals through automated rewards disbursement upon completion. Friends can motivate each other to work on personal goals with engaging challenges and reward each other for their achievements. When socializing, they can create trivia challenges to spur engagements. Easy, fun, and fast.

EveryoneIntuitive • Accessible • Social

By default, anyone with a GivePlay account is a member of the global GivePlay team. Therefore, they can create and participate on all global challenges without having to set up or join any other team. For instance, if you are in the mood for a random acts of kindness, you can create a challenge for any amount on GivePlay Global Team that all members can participate and win, while you participate and win when others do so. And thus, we can all spread human goodness. Intuitive, accessible, and social.


GivePlay has something for everyone because it strives to tap into traits that are fundamental to all humans—incentive salience.

Incentive salience is the cycle of a motivation that is driven by a potential reward and the experience of a reward that drives motivation.

While the motivation or reward could be derived from either giving or receiving, the team at GivePlay believes that all human beings are wired to be givers.