Elegantata Project Web and Mobile Collaboration

The Problem

Project collaboration and management tools have allowed businesses to streamline their communication between internal and external teams working on a project. Today, access to projects online and the abundance of third party vendors has enabled small and big businesses to outsource the management of the platform at a cost. While this can be within access for many, the team at Elegantata found it cost-prohibitive, especially when working on simultaneous projects with various teams.

The Solution

Elegantata has decided to have a project management, collaboration, task and issue tracking software that will not incur additional burdensome cost when working on unlimited numbers of projects and teams. A solution that is versatile enough to be accessed in the office and on the go. A solution that is designed to work seamlessly on web and mobile where data and information is synced on the fly. This is a proprietary project management and collaboration tool that was designed and developed for Elegantata.

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